Monday, November 1, 2010

Still Laughing

I woke up this morning after a terrible nights sleep to find out that my e-mail address and Facebook account has been hacked. Everything was gone and I really can't get on Facebook which is not a big loss because I got on about once a month anyway. At first it was upsetting but now I am just laughing. I know my blog address was in there so in hopes that the "hackers" visit my blog I have a little letter for them:

Dear Computer Hackers(is that what you like to be called???):

I just wanted to write you a note and tell you that it takes more than a little computer hacking to ruin my day. I hope you are ashamed because if your mother knew what you were doing she would be mortified. My husband fears you are trying to steal my identity so I thought I would give you a little rundown on what that looks like. Typical day:

*Get up at 5:30 and take both dogs out to potty

*Have a little quiet time before all the chaos starts

*Eat yogurt because you are once again on a diet

*Get three kids breakfast

*Make sure Cayla is up and Chris doesn't need anything before he works or goes to school(don't panic you will get down which days he does which)

*By now the puppy has probably had an accident on the floor so you might want to clean that up because I guarantee you someone WILL step in it if you don't get it right away

*Deal with the mouse poop found in kitchen(yes you read it right)

*Find mousetraps for aforementioned mouse issue(I hope this doesn't totally freak you out)

*Spend countless hours on the phone with MSN and your well meaning friends because of some computer hacker(Oops...forgot that's you)

*Do school(did I forget to mention we homeschool????)

*Deal with the Halloween candy that we are up to our knees in(I thought about doing a dentist buy back because I can't afford the extra calories but since your me you can decide because maybe your a little younger and have a better metabolism than I do)

*Take puppy to the vet

*Drop off stuff to grandson(Yeppers you are now a grandparent....congrats!)

*Go for walk....remember metabolism issue???? And dress warm - it's cold here but I guess your used to that because Colorado can be frigid

*Clean up a whirlwind of mess and switch the 6th load of laundry(you might want to get into the habit of starting the laundry early in the day because we average about 4 loads a day but its up to you)

*Go to Upwards banquet

*Pick up Cayla from drums

*Break up 6 fights, clean up 12 spills, and I am sure the puppy has had another accident by now

*Go to Chris's hockey game at 8:30 in Lemoyne(40 minute drive - use GPS - sometimes the games are at 10:30 and you don't even get home til midnight)

*Come home put three little ones to bed(don't forget to brush teeth, make sure they go potty, and say prayers)

*Help Cayla with chemistry(maybe you will find it easy with all the knowledge you seem to have but it's like getting a root canal for me)

*Pay bills(by the way there is not much money left after that so you might want to get a part time job but I hope you do something a little more honest than computer hacking)

*Wash your face and put on moisturizer(we are starting to get old)

*Brush teeth

*Fall into bed exhausted around 11:30

*Get up with puppy at 2:30

*Wake up and REPEAT

Ok, so I know it seems a bit overwhelming but remember you wanted my identity. I would tell you to e-mail me if you get in a jam or have any questions but remember the e-mail is out of commission so you shot yourself in the foot with that one. As for me I will be vacationing someplace warm. And just so you know I would never ask for money to come home from England. I would ask for money to STAY someplace sunny and warm:) Good luck and have fun!

Love always,
The one you hacked but is still smiling

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. ~Proverbs 31:25

I am still laughing because no one can take my strength and dignity!

Hope your day is blessed and "hacker" free!