Saturday, December 11, 2010

Diagonol Lines

Life comes at you fast. One day I write on my blog and the next thing you know its over a month later and I realize I haven't posted a thing. Sad really because there was a time when I loved to post on my blog. I still love it but can't seem to find the time. I received a copy of a Lancaster County devotional today and I realized how much I miss writing. I was actually going to submit something to this devotional but life happened and I missed the deadline. I always just go on thinking it just wasn't my time but maybe it was and I was too distracted with things instead of being obedient.

I visited an art museum on Monday with my kids(yes, occasionally Ellie Mae takes the kids out to things like that- after praying they wouldn't touch anything or notice the two naked women paintings I was glad to be back home) but anyway the guide was talking to the kids about the artwork. She explained that pictures painted with horizontal lines were very calming but the ones painted with diagonal lines depicted movement and chaos. My life must be painted with diagonal lines because there is always movement and a bit of chaos also.

I started out in November speaking at a workshop for a group of ladies in Cressona, PA. The topic was CPR for Weary Women and I had a blast. Then mid-November Greg and I spent the night near Ocean City, N.J. where I spoke at two luncheons. It was the first time he heard me speak and it was different having him in the audience. I finished the month at a MOPS group in Hanover, PA.

December has been no different. I have already been blessed to speak at 4 women's groups and have two MOPS groups to finish out the month. I am thrilled to be blessed to do what I do but sometimes it takes me away from my blog. I have really been missing it and hope to have some new and exciting stuff for the New Year.

Today is Greg's birthday. He just went for a run so I thought it would be good time to give you all an update. We are babysitting Nathan tonight so I really should be going. I just wanted to jump on and let anyone who still checks this that I am here and hopefully will be back more frequently in the near future.

I pray your holiday is blessed!

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