Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vanity, Sanity, and Other Issues

Ok so this week there was no Fabulous Friday because quite frankly I did not feel "fabulous" at all. I did realize some issues that I have. Don't you just love that. When you realize your still carrying around the same old baggage you just decided to carry it in a designer bag instead of a sack and so thus you pretend it is not there.

I have not been feeling well. I decided to go back to the doctors. I was already there two weeks ago. I end up at a doctor's office maybe once a year for myself if that. It' s not that I don't like doctors I just don't tend to like to listen so it really makes the visit a waste of time and co-pay. This is my issue not theirs. They are usually very kind and gracious.

After arriving on Thursday to find out that the antibiotic didn't help the bronchitis and now he hears wheezing in my chest and wants to put me on heavier antibiotic and steroids and an inhaler I was needless to say not happy. The conversation went something like this:

Doctor: We have 2 options just prescribe the medication because I am sure you need it or do a chest x-ray to confirm my findings although I don't think because of the wheezing I will change my mind on the treatment anyway.

Me: Can we do the chest x-ray because I don't want to take all the medication n(what I really mean is I have worked hard for the last month at the gym and I don't want to go on the steroid and I don't want to slow down)

Doctor: Chest x-ray confirms pneumonia

Me: Do I really have to take ALL that medicine and is bed rest really necessary?

Doctor: ?????

I believe he was dumbfounded by my response and it was then I realized that vanity and me are still fighting the same old stinking battle we have been fighting for years. You know if with pneumonia I insist on going to Kohls for furry leg warmers that are on clearance for $9 I have issues. Notice I said issues not issue.

Issue number two:

I have not slowed down. Went to co-op Friday and then to a museum I had free tickets for. I reasoned what homeschool mom gives up FREE tickets to a museum????

Issue number three:

I am stubborn and I don't listen and I hide it really well. Which will probably lead to an early demise. I told my kids just to cremate me put me in snack baggies and give me away to all my friends and leave some of me at all my "happy" places. So if you come across a baggie of ashes at the Coach Factory Outlet you will know things did not end well. This is the point where my kids go check their bank accounts to be sure they are saving enough for good quality therapy.

But seriously I tell women all the time they need to CEASE all the activity and then I go and don't listen myself. Ugh!

So it's Sunday morning and here I sit not feeling a whole lot better. Realizing I still struggle to put into practice all that I teach. I have been meditating on Jeremiah 23:29:

"Is not my word like fire," declares the LORD, "and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?

I know I need His fire to penetrate my heart and mind. And sometimes I am stubborn as a dang rock but He is gracious and He is faithful and He is patient with this work in progress who still has "issues".

By the way the leg warmers are too cute. I think they are actually called "boot covers". And the steroid has made me eat like a wild woman and feel like I am about to jump out of my skin. Greg said it is how I normally act the medication is just allowing me to see it. Funny Greg, real funny.

Well enough of you can see I still have a lot of unpacking of my baggage to do.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

I really like your new focus on your blog. I've missed your honesty and humor. Homeschool moms tend to stretch themselves to the limit when allowing our children to pick up some of the pieces for us not only allows us to get well but helps them too. Praying that you will take the time you need to feel better and make a quick recovery.