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What I''m Reading Wednesday

*I started this post last Thursday and it never got posted. Sorry. Life comes at you fast sometimes and I am barely keeping up:) I figured I would put this up today and we would read the next two chapters (10 and 11) for next Wednesday.

Part of the reason this didn't happen last Wednesday was because I spoke at a MOPS group that was quite a distance away and I had stuff I needed to do when I got home and I went out to eat with some relatives visiting from out of town but mostly it didn't happen because I have NO typing skills. I type like a two year old and posting anything takes me forever. I need to have a good 30 minute window of time to be able to post. Sad I know. I should have paid more attention in typing class in high's probably one of the many classes I failed. I saw the new software that will type for you what you speak and I would love to know if that really works because it would be so freeing. I would probably be on here so much you would get tired of me. I often feel like there are things I want to tell you but run out of time to sit down and get it typed out.

I also run out of time to proof everything I type so if any of you saw in the last post that I spelled as with two s's before it was brought to my attention and I fixed I'm sorry.

The exciting thing about MOPS last week is that I got to meet Made to Mother. I love putting a person to the comments. So cool.

I also was going to post and tell you all about the Philadelphia Flower Show I went to last Monday but don't have time to type it all out. I will just say it was fabulous and if you have never been you should go. I don't even plant anything and I loved it(I won't even pretend to have a green thumb - I kill everything). Two friends of mine went with me. We went on a bus trip. It was a blast. So next year get out your polyester pants suit, get on the bus, and go.

There is so much I loved about the two chapter we read this week I will never be able to share it all(what are tankles anyway????). If you are reading along and you are behind just keep reading and then feel free to go back and post comments wherever you are in your reading.

Making Peace With The Realities of My Body - Chapter 8

Plus, being at her goal weight and still having to watch what she ate without the reward of watching the scale numbers go down wasn't as fun.(page 80)

Ugh! I know the feeling and this has been the most frustrating part of my journey. In 2006 I went on a trip to Las Vegas with my mom and grandma and it was when I got home from that trip and looked at pictures that I knew I had to lose weight. I did Weight Watchers and lost 40 pounds and felt great. After I lost the weight I thought I could go back to eating the way I used to and when I did the weight started coming back on and I realized that this was no longer about a "diet" for me but I would need to eat this way for the rest of my life. I was sad about that.

Define your week by obedience, not by a number on the scale. (page 81)

Well said. I talked about this before. That number on that stupid scale controls me and my mood for the day and I have yet to kick the habit of standing on the stupid thing every day.

I could eat healthy and exercise until the cows come home and never look like Victoria or any of her friends.

Yes, eating healthy and exercising get our bodies into better shape, but we are never supposed to get the satisfaction of our souls desire from our looks. Our looks are temporary; if we hitch our souls to this fleeting pursuit, we'll quickly become disillusioned. The only true satisfaction we can seek is the satisfaction of being obedient to the Lord.(page 82)

I have hitched my soul to this fleeting pursuit for more years than I care to mention and guess what.... There is always someone younger, thinner, and prettier than me. There I said it. I will never be Victoria or one of her girls but I can be a girl who is healthy and in love with Jesus. I have spent too many years disillusioned and feeling unsatisfied. I think it is time to evaluate and make some changes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Though we travel the world over to find beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." (page 83)

Well said. I love it. There were other things in this chapter that really spoke to me also but for the sake of the length of this post I will just end with that quote!

But Exercise Makes Me Want To Cry - Chapter 9

If I was honest with myself, my issue was plain and simple-a lack of self-control. I could sugarcoat it and justify it all day long, but the truth was I didn't have a weight problem; I had a spiritual problem. (page 88)

For too long I have kept my spiritual and my physical separated. I am realizing my weight issue is really a spiritual issue. Now to deal with that.....

However, if I were really honest, I'd have to admit I made time for what I wanted to make time for. (page 92)

I have said this for years. I always complain I don't have time for certain things but I always make time to do what I want to do. I believe this is true of most everybody. We spend too much time doing things that don't matter and complain we don't have time to do the things that do.

My mom loves to say the best kind of exercise is the kind you'll do. I agree. (page 94)

Ok...I agree but what happens when you hate all forms of exercise????? People probably think I love to exercise. I exercise 4 to 5 times a week and have for years. I walked, I ran, I participated in a few 5k's and now I have a gym membership. I still hate it. Just this morning on the treadmill 3 minutes in and I wanted to die. I wanted it to end. I do it because I know I should(not to mention that unending pursuit we discussed earlier) but at no time do I truly enjoy it. I guess it is one of those disciplines, that like it or not, I will always need to do. By the way I just loved the title of this chapter:)

Well, that's my thoughts for this week. I would love to hear from you!

Have a blessed day!

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