Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sitting at Starbucks

I know it is Wednesday and I know I haven't posted in a month. I also know I never finished the last two chapters of the book. I guess it was an epic fail as my kids would say. I'm not sure why I stopped. I have all kinds of excuses but as I sit here all alone they all seem pretty lame.

The last year has taken me on a journey that I never want to repeat. When I struggled before with different things and different relationships it was hard but I could make it through. This struggle has been within myself and I have wrestled it for over a year and I am sure I will never be the same. It has also been the most difficult thing to explain. Maybe it is midlife. Maybe it is a painful growth spurt. I can't say yet for sure.

Anyway I am not sure that anyone even reads this anymore but I do feel like I need to get back to who I was before this struggle started and so I do need to post on here because writing was always very healing for me.

I started the new David Bible study yesterday and I am super excited about that and I also want to share my last few thoughts on the book as soon as a get a chance. And maybe if I can ever find the words to share more about what I have been going through I will share that too.

Well my time here is up but I hope to be back soon.

Be blessed!

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Debbie S. said...

I'm looking forward to reading your testimony. You are not alone.

Have a blessed day and come visit me too:)