Friday, July 29, 2011

Where I have been....

Where I've been???? Good question:) I have been extremely busy and can't believe it is almost August. The summer started late. I finished school much later than usual and then I had relatives visiting on two separate weeks to finish out June. July was busy spending the 4th with my parents and then I went back to Louisiana State Pen (Angola) for a missions trip. After getting home from another unbelievable and life changing trip I decided it was time to simplify some things around here. That started with much need decluttering(about 15 trash bags worth). The rest of my days are spent herding my children and going to the pool:)

I haven't been on here and I feel so guilty to have never finished the last two chapters of the book(I read them just didn't take the time to discuss them) I think it was that guilt that was holding me back from posting:) So another resolution of mine is to get on here when I have something to say but not to commit to such a lengthy project again. Not that I won't discuss books because I have read a ton this summer. My favorites so far have been Heaven is for Real and Dead Man Walking. Has anyone read either????

I have been doing a new Beth Moore study. It is revised version of David and it has been awesome. I finally feel myself coming out of the fog I have been in over the last year. It has been a dry place and a scary place but God has been good and He has been faithful.

I guess before I know it I will be starting school again. Another big decision was to pull my kids from cyber school and go back to good old fashioned homeschooling. I am actually looking forward to it but check with me midSeptember and I am sure the enthusiasm will be gone.

Well there you have it....whoever you is. Not sure if anyone's there but I am not going to worry about it I am just going to keep plugging away. By the way I am going to update my speaking calendar today!

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Darling denise!!! Im so happy you wrote again
:) I've been checking your blog almost everyday ...I didn't know you weren't doing cyber anymore so, lucky I checked this ;) looking forward to more posts you.. love ann

Made to Mother said...

Missed you on your blog! Please don't feel bad about not finishing your book discussion. I loved the book and was so inspired, I invited all the women from my church (and even a few close friends from other churches) to join me to read through it together! We are currently reading through it and get together once a week to discuss it. God used you, even if you felt like you let us down. Thank you for the inspiration!