Wednesday, September 7, 2011

20 year anniversary today!

So today my hubby and I have actually made it to the 20 year point....I say actually made it because it has not been easy(mostly due to the fact that I am not easy to live with:)

I thought I would make a list of 20 things about my hubby:

1. You are handsome.....nobody believes that I am actually 7 years YOUNGER

2. You are sweet

3. You are the best "gift buyer" I know

4. You are creative and should have been a photographer

5. You are the best breakfast maker

6. You are a great dad

7. You are a great friend

8. You are a great coach

9. You are committed 100% to anything you do

10. You are smart....nobody could beat you at "one hit wonders"

11. You are friendly....You are my extrovert who married this introvert

12. You are strong

13. You are wise

14. You are helpful

15. You have a heart for God

16. You are the coupon King and could "out save" any woman I know

17. You are loving

18. You are the best snuggler

19. You are a gift from God

20. You are a man of your word.....20 years ago you promised to love me in sickness and health and in poorness and wealth and never once have you gone back on that promise.

I love you!

I hope this post finds you all happily married but if not if you are struggling never forget God is a God of miracles. I know this for a fact. It is a miracle that I celebrate the milestone that I celebrate today. Just keep praying and pressing hard into God. He is the one and only one that can redeem marriages and turn them into something beautiful.

Have a blessed day!

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