Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's 9:00 and....

I am embarrassed to admit my kids are all still in bed. Shouldn't I be homeschooling and baking bread or something???

Instead I am sitting at my computer daydreaming. It is what I do best. I remember having the most vivid imagination as a child. At least that's how I am remembering it which considering I can't remember to wake my children up and homeschool I could be a little off but anyway.....I am going with the vivid imagination memory today so just humor me.

I loved to write when I was little and make up stories. I remember writing my first "book" and illustrating it using my neatest handwriting. The entire thing rhymed and I remember until it was over being exhausted trying to find words that rhymed with Bob.

When it was complete I made a cover for it and read it to my family. I don't recall too many times that my dad took an interest in what I was doing but this book he loved. He told me it was very good and he was proud of me.

I have since searched through my things at my parents and I can't find my first literary masterpiece but it has been a dream of mine to write another book(rest assured there will be no characters by the name of Bob). I know I have shared briefly here about this before but just like many other dreams and aspirations it gets pushed aside just waiting for the right moment that I have just the right words.

I started thinking about dreams today and wondered what really stops us from living them out? Am I afraid to write because of fear of rejection or because I might not really have anything more to offer other than a short story about Bob and his friend Rob? I don't know but I am tired of talking about making choices but not really making any. Doing nothing towards a goal is choosing to never live up to our full potential and trust God for the rest.

So with that said I am choosing today to write my first e-book. There I said it. I have much of it written I just need to spend a little (a lot) of time reorganizing it. I would love to involve you all in the process (ok I need to know is anybody out there....stats say there are but I don't see any comments:)

I will share my struggles over the next few weeks. I will ask questions and hope to get some answers. I will share a synopsis tomorrow(Oh yes I did just go to to be sure that was the right word....what in the world am I thinking writing a book. I really don't know much more than when to color my roots or how to rhyme Rob and Bob).

So stay tuned....I know you are all probably on the edge of your seat....NOT! But I am excited. Dreams are good. Goals are healthy. It is time we start walking this thing out instead of waiting for the perfect moment. There are not perfect moments in this world....just imperfect people serving a perfect God.

On a totally unrelated note I am desperately trying to get to the Relevant 11 conference so if anyone knows of any tickets out there PLEASE let me know and if you would join me in praying that if God is willing He will make a way for me to go. Your prayers are ALWAYS appreciated:)

Have a blessed day!

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Flamingo said...

i'm reading:) i can very much identify with you on the daydreaming thing. where i lack is the productivity. dream, dream, dream....I hate that I don't just do!