Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Learning to slow down......

As I mentioned earlier I started studying 1 John this week with Good Morning Girls. We have been taking just one verse a day and using the S.O.A.P. method of Bible study:

Write the Scripture
Write 1 or 2 Observations
Write 1 or 2 Applications

I must say I have been loving it. It is teaching this girl who is usually moving faster than the spin cycle on the washing machine to SLOW down. I am pouring over just one verse a day but that one verse can teach me and fill me and change me. It has been awesome.

The first three verses I have studied this week so far talked about how John wants to proclaim what he has seen, heard, and touched....the Word of Life(Jesus). He is proclaiming it so that others too can fellowship with in in this truth.

I felt convicted to also proclaim what I have seen and heard and touched regarding the Word of Life. It is so easy to get busy and forget that there is a lost and desperate world that needs to hear the message and be brought into fellowship with me and other believers.

It has been my prayer that God would not only open my eyes to all the ways He is speaking to me this week but that I would look around me for those who need to hear my testimony. Just because Christ never stood physically in front of us does NOT mean we don't have ways to testify about what we have seen, heard, and touched.

I was also thankful that right here is testimony of someone who did physically see Christ. We don't need to ever doubt or question.

His Word is so rich. Why don't you open your Bible right now and drink in the richness of just one verse. Slow down. Breathe it in. Bask in its beauty. Be changed.

Have a blessed day!


The Gandys!!!! said...

stopping by from GMG Blog Hop!!!

I have been convicted of sharing what I have seen, heard, touched so that others may know and fellowship with the Father and the Son!

Glad to be on this journey with you!

Our family said...

Glad you joined GMG too. I am so looking forward to all that is instore for us in the next weeks. i too need this study to slow me down and focus.