Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dance

My daughter Cayla will be 17 tomorrow.

I am feeling a bit emotional.

This parenting thing has been a lot like a dance for me.

I remember pulling on my brand new dancing shoes.

In the beginning they were tight and stiff and a bit uncomfortable.

I needed to adjust.

Then I fell into the rhythm and much of the time it felt like we were doing a waltz. Slow and steady. Graceful. We were keeping to the beat of the music but before I knew it we were doing something more like a tango....only I still wanted to waltz. It went too fast. All the firsts and the lasts. They came and went so fast I could barely keep up.

We stepped on each others toes sometimes. I lost my step occasionally and sometimes just sometimes I stumbled.

And now the last song is starting to play.

Our last dance.

I will dance many last dances this year. Probably my last holiday season with my son before he moves out. I can't remember the last time I picked up my 11 year old....I know it was this year but she has grown up a lot this year and I am sure we danced that last dance already. No more diapers or potty training or first steps in this house.

Those dances are all finished.

And one day soon the music will fade completely and I will hang up my weathered and worn dancing shoes for good.

I will miss the waltz and the tango and everything between and even though we were no Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire this was a good dance.

Happy birthday sweet have been one of the best dance partners a mom could ask for!


Angie Tolpin said...

HI Denise,
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I love what you vision is and hope you feel encouraged to keep blogging!

Angie Tolpin

Tammy said...

Beautiful analogy!!