Monday, September 10, 2012 update!

So I am almost a week in and I thought I would share some things I am learning....

love used to love apples. 

There are only so many combinations of chicken/spinach/rice and I have tried them all.

I think about food(and so does my family) way more than I ever would have admitted.

I am a person of excess in this area....just yesterday I hosted the dessert part of a progressive dinner for college students and made 2 kinds of cookies, Texas Gold, cupcakes, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cups, and banana pudding. I couldn't just do two or three desserts. I had to do more. Can anyone say EXCESS.

I don't suggest hosting aforementioned gathering during the food month of 7 and yes I did cheat and taste a few things and lick a few spoons in case you were wondering.

I have felt hunger this week. Not starvation by any means and not because of lack of food but because I am too lazy to bake chicken at 8:00 at night and my system can not handle one more apple or more yogurt. It made me think of all the children who go to bed hungry every day and the moms who give up their food so a child can eat and I wept for them.

I wish I had some more earth shattering insights to share. I don't but I do feel God slowly working on those inner places that I keep so guarded......even from Him.

Well that's all for now I have a scrambled egg calling my name from the kitchen and chicken that needs made if I am going to eat lunch.

Be blessed!

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