Monday, September 17, 2012

Confessions of a 7 Failure

Yep. That's the title of the book my daughter said we could write.

Confessions of a 7 failure.

That is what we have felt like so I thought I would dedicate this post to our failures. Confession is good for the soul, right? So here goes:

1. Someone ate the corner off a leftover cookie last week.


I noticed it.

I mentioned it.

My daughter fessed up to it.

Then I broke out in rolling-on-the-floor laughter because I had my own confession to make....I ate a spoonful of leftover icing.

2. Wednesday night we had our weekly outing for dinner with my 94 year old grandma.

She wouldn't understand 7 if I even tried to explain it and she thinks if you like something you should eat it and eat lots of it.
So we went to a place in town that she picked. A place that laughs in the face of plain grilled chicken. The kind of place that has a deep frier and they aren't afraid to use it. A place that has never and will never serve rice.

So we ate.

We ate whatever we wanted and topped it off with ice cream.

3. Friday night after my daughters game before the football game we went to Subway.


I could have asked for plain grilled chicken with spinach no bread but I didn't.

I ate a turkey sub.

Enough said.

4. Saturday I was going to see Beth Moore and Cayla was going to the Uprise Festival.


Once again these are places that do not serve our typical 7 cuisine so we had already decided to eat whatever we wanted.

We decided it days before and were looking forward to it like a kid in a candy store.

5. That brings us to yesterday.


The sabbath.

A day of worship.

 A day to get back on 7 and back into some simplicity and fasting from all the foods not on "the list".

While in church some things were bothering. For one I was hungry and hormonal and secondly I think I was coming under attack from the beautiful conference the day before and then it happened.

 I got a text.

 A devastating text.

The kind that makes you question everything.

I got angry.

Angry at God.

Angry at evil.

Just plain old angry.

In my anger I got home and ate whatever I wanted. I did it out of a rebellious heart. I was good and mad and this was my way to show it.

So there you have it. Confessions from a girl who had some failures along the way on this journey.

And that brings me to today. A new day. A fresh start. A day of confessions and renewal and new beginnings. 

Well my eggs are awaiting so I better go. I will keep you updated!

Be blessed!


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Smith7 said...

You make me smile! Thanks for your honesty!! Miss ya!