Friday, September 7, 2012

The Last Little Hand I Have to Hold

It's just a phase.

I know this.

I know this well.

I have been through various phases(I think all of them???) over the last 21 years of parenting and I know as quickly as this one started it will come to end. All things do. Nothing lasts forever.

So, if I "know" all of this why do I let little things bother me?

It started a few months ago. He doesn't want to leave my side. He cried to go to day camp and only made it there 2 out of the 5 days because the fight was too much. He wants to go everywhere with me and always wants to know where I am. It started driving me crazy.

Just today I wanted him to stay at his grandmas for 10 minutes until I picked something up. Both his brother and his sisters were there. He ran to the door after me and in a really-not-kind-mom tone I said ok and took him with me.

We got to the bottom of the steps and I was feeling agitated.  It would slow me down and I had an agenda but then he grabbed my hand.

I felt a tear come to my eyes.

God used that moment to remind me of some really important things about being a mother.

This child loves me....unconditionally. He is the last of seven and he wants to be with me and still wants to hold my hand. It is an honor to be blessed to be his mom and I should be ever so thankful he still wants to be with me.

Lord please help me to remember that he is the last little hand I have to hold.  Help me to be patient and kind and gentle.  Remind me to cherish the moments I have with him and never let me forget how quickly time passes.... for in no time this little phase will pass and that little hand won't be there for me to hold.  Let me live in the moments and hang on as long as I can because the lasts are as precious as the firsts and there is much beautiful living to be done in between. Too beautiful to mar it with impatience and unkind words.  Too beautiful to waste.


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Lori said...

Your post is wise and poignant. So often we wish our children's childhoods away instead of savoring them. As the mom of two young adults, I wish I didn't have to chase them down to hold their hands. . . thanks the reminder to cherish our precious ones. I visited from Be Not Weary today, and I'm glad I did. :)