Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloggy Conference 2012, 7, and other great things!

Bloggy Conference 2012 was great!

So blessed to be able to go and to also spend time with Cayla.

7 on the other hand did not end so well this month. I can think of every excuse in the book but it would be a waste of time. The bottom line is the food thing was so much harder than I ever imagined it would be. The first week was terribly hard, the second week I came up with every reason I could to eat other things, and the third and fourth week I was lucky if I didn't eat 77 things each day let alone 7.

I am not sure what I learned about myself and I am still trying to figure that all out.  And now month 2 is here and it is the 7 articles of clothing month and although there are far less gray areas in this month(you wear what you chose and that's that) I think it might be tougher than the food was(if you haven't read the book, which I recommend you do, this month I choose only 7 pieces of clothing to wear all month long). I have had a terribly busy day so I plan on choosing my clothes this evening but know that the capris and black shirt I am wearing right now will be a part of it. With that all said I will  keep you up to date on all my excuses and failures and I pray some victories as I struggle to weed through this thing called excess.

With that all said I have been feeling inspired to do some new things with the blog.  Maybe it was the conference or maybe it just feels time for something fresh and new.  Soon it will have a new design and be moving away from blogspot.  No worries for you 3 people out there reading when you come here if I am gone you will be redirected I promise.

With the new design and move I wanted to do some creative things with the content this month and I stumbled upon The Nester's 31 days series and I decided to jump in.  So I will be writing here over the next 31 days about "Faith, Family, and Fabulous Things" and I will be blogging over at my other site Beauty and the Beast Within about 31 days to healthier you!

I hope you will join me!  And even though today didn't really encompass too much faith, family or any fabulous things you can bet I won't be posting again tonight so I guess I tomorrow I will need to share an extra fabulous thing:)

See ya tomorrow!  Be blessed!

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Debbie S. said...

Good morning Denise!

I just have to comment on here because - first off - I read 7 (I've read all of Jen's books) but didn't even attempt to do any of the challenges because I knew I couldn't make it through. I did manage to simplify the house a bit, but the rest would have been a failure, and who needs to feel worse about themselves, right?

Also, I had to cringe when I read that you were moving away from Blogger.

I just got off that journey (more like a nightmare - you can read about it on the blog) and all because I went to a blogging class and the speaker raved about Wordpress.

So, I hired my blog designer who has helped me before, bought a domain name, paid for the host site, paid the designer, and then spent the next 2 weeks doing nothing but trying to learn what a stupid plug-in was and why you had to download one every single time you wanted to add anything to your blog! It was beyond frustrating!

In the meantime, I turned to one of my favorite blogging magazines (Artistic Blogging) and saw that, in spite of that speaker saying that to "grow" you must move to Wordpress, saw that some of the most beautiful, well known blogs are still on blogger!

So, to sum it all up - I paid my designer a little fee to move me back and now I'm staying.

Sorry for this very long saga, but if I can save you some money and headaches, then it's been worth it!

Good luck:)