Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Roe v. Wade....40 years later

As I sat on the bed in my hotel room tears filled my eyes threatening to spill over onto my cheek.

You see even though I have found healing from my abortion my heart still aches for the children that will never be.

For the child of mine that I will never hold.

For all the life that has been lost over the last 40 years and for the women still imprisoned in the silence and shame of their decision.

I look forward to a day when no more life is lost. When God turns all our weeping into joy. When all the chains are broken and women are set free.

Until then I will wipe the tears from my eyes and keep moving forward being a voice for the voiceless. Continuing to bring about awareness that can lead to change in the abortion industry.

Won't you join me?

  • Pray for this decision to be overturned
  • Pray for all the women around you because I guarantee you someone in your circle has been affected by this issue
  • Be a voice for the voiceless
  • Break the silence in our churches surrounding this issue
  • Embrace any one around you who is struggling to heal from her past abortion
If you are struggling with this issue or know someone who is please contact me.  Together we can make a difference.

Be blessed!