Monday, November 10, 2014

The Game Changer

I sit at lots of sporting events.  If I had a dollar for every time I sat on a bleacher, wrapped up in a blanket at an ice hockey rink, or huddled under an umbrella at a soccer game I would be rich.  I don't even particularly love sports but I love my babies and so I sit. And I watch. And I observe things. 

There is something that I have observed more than once at these events. I'm sure its something you've seen too.  It invokes groans from the crowds.  And arguments with coaches. You know what I'm talking about...

A bad call.

The ref clearly sees something differently (or doesn't see something in most instances) and he makes a call that isn't right.  And it makes you angry.  And it makes you want to fight to make it right.  

You can see it on the face of the players.  They become deflated. Their attitudes change.  The way they play changes.  And unfortunately sometimes it becomes the changing point in the game.

You know life can be a lot that way too.  We are playing the game. Working hard.  Doing what’s right when all of the sudden there is a bad call.  A game changer. 

Somebody hurts us.

The diagnosis comes.

The job gets lost.

There is betrayal.

A child makes a bad choice.

And they are just a few of the big things.  Game changers can come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes its just a bunch of little things that finally push us over the edge. 

In those moments we have a choice.  Having a choice is powerful.  We can choose to succumb to the game changer and give up or we can choose to trust that even in this God has a plan.  

The enemy wants us to choose to give up.  If we are in Christ he can't take our salvation but he will do anything he can to convince us that God is not good. That God is the ref that made  the bad call. That He doesn't really have our best interest in mind.

If we start believing these lies the games changes. We start losing ground. We become defeated before the game ends.

We need to decide today that no matter what the call is we are all in for Jesus.  That He does love us and that He does have our best interest in mind.  

You know there has already been a defeat that has taken place.  The enemy has already been defeated.  He does not have the right to keep messing with us like that so don't let him. Remind him right now that even though there has been a bad call God loves you and He is for you so you will not give up.  

John 16:33 tells us in this world we WILL have trouble.  It doesn't say that we might.  It says we will have game changers but takes heart Jesus has overcome the world.

I don't know your whole story.  I don't know exactly how it all plays out. But I do know how it ends girls and it is good.  He is coming on a white horse.  Our prince is coming.  He is coming for His bride.  Are you going to be ready or will you have already given up because of that one bad call?

Don't give up my friend!  And if I can pray for you in any way please email me!

Be blessed!

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