Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sometimes You Need to Find Yourself a Broom Tree

There is something I have been learning lately.

Something I think holds the key.

It holds the key to peace and to strength and to finding purpose.

What is it you ask….


Ceasing all my activity and my doing and replacing it with sitting and seeking God's presence.  

I always had this idea that I had to be "doing" something big for God. That it was in my "doing" that I would find Him and I would find purpose. Instead most of the time I found dead ends and burnout.  The harder I would try the more exhausted I would become. I had this misconception that seeking was doing.  I confused the two.  Little did I know that seeking is sitting.  Seeking is stillness.  Seeking is the place where my striving ceases.

It wasn't until I stopped trying and I just started just sitting in His presence that I found strength.  It's there in that quiet place that I can hear His still small voice.  

Theres this story in 1 Kings 19 about Elijah and a broom tree.  He's running and he's exhausted. He says he's had enough and he wants to die. Then he finds this broom tree and he lays down under it and goes to sleep.  He sleeps for a really really long time and when he wakes up an angel tends him and he is strengthened.  He then hears from God.

Not in the wind

Not in the earthquake

Not in the fire….

but in the whisper.

I don't know about you but I want to be so close and so still that I can hear God whisper.  

It's real tempting this time of year to come up with all kinds of things we are going to "do" and even though I don't think thats all bad I want to encourage you to make ceasing and seeking your goal for 2015.

Just sit in His presence.  

You don't have to "do" anything.  

Just be with the I AM.  

If you have been exhausted lately find yourself a "broom tree" and let God's presence strengthen you.  My "broom tree" is a chair at my kitchen table where I sit every morning and pray, and worship, and read my Bible, and sometimes just sit in silence. 

This my friends is also where I have found the strength I need to battle the enemy.  My greatest victories have not come through anything that I have done but from the strength I have been given through the One I have spent my time with.  

May 2015 be our year of ceasing and seeking!